Don't Nobody Know My Troubles With God 2018 A collaboration of works by Helen hayward and Pauline Wood, Intercession Gallery Northampton

Silent Desert (longest night) 2017 for The Kiss or Poison Boyfriend or Jesus' Blood, curated by Dan Howard-Birt, Kingsgate incarnation January 2018

14 Stations 2017 for Point2Point, Avenue Gallery Northampton AA2A cumulative exhibition.

Untitled (Crucifixion) 2016 for By Darkness A Star is Perfected, Lockbund Gallery Banbury

Let the Account be Erased 2016 for Justified, Avenue Gallery Northampton, Printmaking Fellowship Exhibition

At All the Round Earth's Imagined Corners 2016 for Uncommon Chemistry curated by Dan Howard-Birt, The Observer Building, Hastings

I'll Cross the Stream, I have a Dream 2015 for MA Printmaking final exhibition UAL Camberwell College of Arts